Silly String: Fun And Games

Who does not love that magical string shooting out of a can? Silly string is not only just used for parties, it is used for everyday fun. Since the spray is so inexpensive and provides a substantial amount of fun, it has won its way into the hearts of many Americans. There are an unlimited amount of games to play, but here are just a few:

Medic: With and even amount of people, separate into two teams. Each team has a different color of silly string for example: team 1 has red, team 2 has blue. Nominate people on your team to be the ‘medic’, and then vote. The medics on each team have a separate color, such as black. Have a line in the middle, so that no one crosses it. Using your can of silly string, you try to get the other team out, while they try to get your team out, by tagging them with the string. However, you can only get a medic out by tagging them from the knees and down. Once you’ve been hit, sit down and wait for the medic on your team to come and ‘heal’ you by tagging you with their black string.
Night Game: There is one can of party string distributed to the person who is ‘it’, who goes and hides somewhere outside the house. Everyone else wait on the porch, or other designated area, and counts to twenty together. Once the number twenty is yelled, then everyone can begin their run around the house. The person who is ‘it’ can jump out of their hiding spot whenever they choose, surprising the rest of the runners, and try to tag them with their silly string. If the runners make it safely around the house, then they are safe and made it through the first round. If they got tagged, then they grab another can of silly string, and are ‘it’ with the other tagged people, so that the ‘it’ group keep swelling in size. The runners simply count again to twenty, and go around again, until there is no one left. The last one not ‘it’, wins.
Freeze!: Many people know that party string is widely known for tag, but what would happen when you play freeze tag? Only one person has a can, and tries to get everyone frozen by tagging them with party string. Those that are not tagged, go under the frozen legs to ‘defrost’ them. Once you have been frozen three times, grab another can of silly spray and become ‘it’ with the other person. The game continues until everyone has been frozen for three times.