The Rembrandt Affair – A Complicated Story Smoothly Told

This is the story of a Rembrandt painting which is under restoration work with a friend of the legendary Israeli assassin Gabriel Allon. There is a secret associated with the painting which sparks off a chain of intrigue which travels across various borders. Although it is a sequel to Daniel Silva’s earlier works with the same protagonist Gabriel Allon, the new readers will not find it difficult to comprehend the story since The Rembrandt Affair is a complete work of fiction, without any loose ends.

Clear Distinction between Fact and Fiction

The ability of the author Daniel Silva to tell a complex tale shines in the complicated as ever The Rembrandt Affair as well. This is one of those rare stories where Art and Mystery are woven, and the author skillfully mixes fact and fiction together. Unlike other authors, Daniel Silva makes it clear – what is fact and what is not – for the benefit of the readers. This way, there is no confusion in the mind of the readers; they are always in the clear.

Global Agents Join Ranks

In some areas, however, there are denials by the author but readers know that holocaust and other some scenes are real whereas the characters are fictional. The stolen painting, the complicity of Swiss banks and Nazis seeking refuge are all well known incidents (including the Rembrandt painting). The novel The Rembrandt Affair also delves deep into the history and then covers the sons of Swiss bankers and Nazis as well as the protagonist, Gabriel Allon, whose mother was a holocaust survivor. The very existence of Israel is threatened since Iran is building the nuclear weapons at a rapid pace. The CIA and MI6 operatives also join the Israeli agents to tackle the businessman in question.

The Story Is Less about Violence

Contrary to the first impression the readers may get, the story is less about violence and more about gradual covert operations, which do not seem so dramatic in the first instance. Even those plots which seem very attractive at first impression, cannot sustain the story if the readers do not feel empathetic to the characters. All the characters created by Daniel Silva are passionate and human at the same time. The female characters are also equally sympathetic and believable.

Gabriel Allon Has A Tragic Past

The main protagonist, Gabriel Allon has come through a tragic past as his mother was a Holocaust survivor – and he didn’t know all about her till late in the life. His son died in a bomb blast meant for him and the first wife had to be institutionalized due to that tragic event. The overall narration of the story is smooth and every scene appears like a gentle brushstroke from a master painter.