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How to Get Better At Any Sport

Every sport is very different and every sport has a range of unique benefits and plus points that its fans appreciate it for. Some sports involve completely different skills and really have very little in common – and if you are someone who plays snooker for instance then you won’t necessarily be particularly good necessarily at football.

But even though sports can be completely different, there are still things you can do to improve your ability in all of them and things you can do that would benefit both a golf player and athletic runner. Here we will look at some ways you can train and some tips you can take on board that will help you improve in any sport.


The first tip no matter your sport is to practice. The more you practice the more you’ll develop the specific muscles you need for that sport, the more you’ll get used to the technique and the less nervous you’ll feel performing. This is the single most important way to improve skill in any sport – and in fact pretty much any ability.


Some sports are harder to practice than others. If you don’t have an ice rink in your back garden for instance, then practicing ice hockey is going to be pretty difficult. As such then you may be able to benefit from using visualisation when training which basically means that you practice your technique using your mind’s eye. Interestingly you will cause the same neural networks to fire as though you were actually playing the sport and this can help you to perfect your technique.

Muscle Building/Fitness

Of course building muscle and improving your fitness can improve your ability in most athletic endeavours and it can also help you to be more effective in sports that involve running and jumping. What might surprise you though is that it can also help games like golf and darts. How? By strengthening the supportive muscles in your arms and torso giving you finer control over your movements and so better aim. Likewise improving your fitness in general can help you to feel physically more able and so be less likely to get distracted by tiredness. A lot of darts players are overweight, but actually they’d perform better if they had a little more energy.

Playing Other Sports

Surprisingly learning other sports can help you in your chosen field of expertise. Most sports involve a range of different skills and many of these can be extrapolated and applied to others. Whether you learn better aim for football from playing bowling, or you increase your reactions for dodge ball from martial arts.


Most sports are far more psychological than you realise and your ability to focus, to calm nerves and to block out distractions will greatly influence your performance. If you want to increase your ability in any sports then you should learn to better know your own mind and achieve a flow state where you focus only on what you’re doing. If you can manipulate the psychology of your opponents too then even better…