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A Four By Four Will Supplement Your Lively Lifestyle

Isn’t it interesting how certain commercials just manage to stick? If you think back quickly I’m fairly certain that you’ll be able to quote a couple of punch lines or funny quotes from some of your favourite (or least favourite!) advertisement. For an advertisement to make an impact it should either be really brilliant. or really bad! One of those phrases that I just can’t manage to get out of my head is where a little boy sees this very impressive four wheel drive car, turns to his dad and shouts: “Wow dad, a four times four!”

The excitement in his voice and the way he rolled his RRRRR’s makes this one of the most brilliant slogans ever!

It does not matter if you are like the young boy and you call it a four times four, or if you use the term four wheel drive, 4×4 or four by four, these utility vehicles can add a lot of thrills and luxury to your active lifestyle!

If you think of the phrase four by four (or four times four!) the number 16 might spring to mind – let’s see if we can make a list of 16 things proving how much fun and comfort such a vehicle can provide:

One: You can drive on sand. Nothing quite beats an early morning drive on a deserted beach, or a sundowner after driving around the sandy dunes.

Two: It is possible to drive through mud. This might possibly not be high on your to-do list, but occasionally you will be confronted with a muddy section of road that you just cannot prevent, and I can promise you that your sedan with low profile wheels will let you down here.

Three: It is possible to defeat a rugged terrain. Some of the most wonderful locations to explore in this country are somewhat off the beaten track. With a four by four you will have no issue reaching that remote hideaway.

Four: It is possible to select from many shapes and sizes. Car manufacturers cater for different types of customers with different needs. For that reason four wheel drive vehicles are available with different engine sizes, different levels of comfort and style and different capabilities – all of which would influence the price of the vehicle.

Five: Four by four vehicles are not bulky and uncomfortable anymore. You can own a 4×4 and still have access to all the luxuries and features of any other vehicle. Therefore, it’s possible to make use of such a vehicle for your day to day driving during the week and then for exciting trips over weekends.

Six: Space, space, space! Four by four vehicles are designed with their purpose in mind – because of this most four by four’s will have larger cargo areas and adequate legroom. The last thing you want on your off-road trip is to be crammed in with no space for your suitcases.

Seven: It’s a chick magnet. Okay, I might be exaggerating somewhat, but the female species does without a doubt like men with an active, outdoorsy lifestyle and owning a four by four is usually a good indication of this.

I am sure I can find another 9 reasons why you should invest in a four by four, but I am so fired up after these first 7 reasons that I am off to my local dealer to purchase myself one of these handy toys!